Unturned is a free-to-play zombie survival game by Canadian developer Nelson Sexton. With the hit release of Unturned in 2014 and the subsequent release of Unturned console edition in 2020, many players have wondered about cross-platform support.

Does Unturned Support Cross Play?

Due to Unturned Console and the original Unturned being published by two separate publishers and being an almost totally separate game, it does not support cross platform play.

There are many reasons why SmartlyDressedGames and 505 Games have yet to implement cross play into their games, but one of the major hitches they would face is the large steam workshop support for the original Unturned. Obviously this is something that cannot be supported by Xbox and PlayStation which was likely one of the reasons cross play was ruled out.

What Is Unturned Console?

Unturned Console is a port of the extremely popular PC version of Unturned. This remake was done by 505 Games, a seasoned video game publisher. The 505 Games version of Unturned is available for both Xbox and PlayStation and currently retails at $24.99.

What Is Unturned on Steam?

The original Unturned by SmartlyDressedGames is a free to play survival game. The game was released in 2014 but made its debut on steam in 2017 where it has reached an all time peak of over 100,000 players!

Will There Be Cross Play For Unturned?

Sadly we don't foresee any support for Cross Play in Unturned in the future. From what we have seen so far it seems the console edition lacks many of the features from the original game and would require a total overhaul to be compatible.

This doesn't seem to be something on the horizon with neither Nelson Sexton from SmartlyDressedGames or 505 Games making any promises for a future collaboration.

This unfortunately means you won't be seeing any of your console friends on your favorite Unturned Server any time soon, but maybe it was time for some new friends anyways? A perfect way to meet some new PC friends is to host your own Unturned server.