Map Size

1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000


0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40+


0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400+
You will need about 0 MB (0 GB) of RAM.
  • Map RAM usage: ~0 MB
  • Plugins RAM usage: ~0 MB
  • Players RAM usage: ~0 MB
*Please keep in mind that this is only an estimation, RAM usage can vary substantially from one server to the next.
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How much RAM does a Rust server use?

Many players wonder how much RAM you need to run a rust server, it’s long been shrouded in mystery and confusion with various different sites claiming outdated figures. So we created this handy Rust RAM calculator to make estimating RAM usage easier than ever. You can use the sliders for things like how many players will join, the size of the map, and how many plugins you will have. Then, you will see how even small changes in these settings can affect how much RAM your server will use.

Why is this only an estimate?

This is only an estimate because maps, players and the types of plugins on your server can all use varying amounts of system resources. The map seed also plays a large role in the rust server memory usage. Some map seeds have more monuments and structures that can vastly increase memory usage even if the map size is the same.

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How to reduce Rust server RAM usage?

Reducing RAM usage can be done in many ways with the main one being to reduce the Rust server map size. Another option to reduce RAM usage is to make use of entity controlling plugins such as Entity Reducer which allows you to reduce some of the naturally spawning entities or Entity Cleanup which lets you remove entities outside of TC range. Alternatively, you can remove some memory heavy plugins such as QuickSmelt or any other automation styled plugins.

What are the Rust server requirements?

Rust dedicated server requirements depend on the server use case but we recommend a minimum of 8GB of RAM, with 10GB+ being much more optimal for most people.

For larger networks and servers with many players, it might make sense to opt for a dedicated server for maximum performance and control.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of hosts still offer 4-6GB plans for their Rust hosting packages. This makes it appear that they have a very cheap starting price when in reality it is almost impossible to get a rust server to run on less than 6GB. At Pine Hosting we ensure every server gets optimal resources by starting our base plan at 8GB.
When using our Pine Hosting game servers we allow users to update all resources whenever they need to. This means you can start your Rust server with only 8GB and you can upgrade your RAM as your server requires more or your player count grows. You can also instantly downgrade your server if you ever need to downscale.
One of the first questions new players have is why does rust take forever to load? Rust is a RAM intensive game, both for players and servers. Running other programs in the background can make a massive difference to loading speed so for optimum performance we recommend closing other applications, turning on the Rust loading optimization setting in game and adding more RAM/upgrading to an SSD if possible.
Why is my Rust using too much RAM? For the optimal experience, Facepunch recommends at least 16 GB RAM and 25 GB of SSD storage space.