Why Choose Pine Hosting For Your 7 Days To Die Server?

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High Performance

Nobody likes lag. That's why performance is our top priority, our systems use the latest hardware available and are constantly maintained so you never worry.

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99.99% Uptime

Our servers are maintained at the highest industry standard to provide you with a stable connection at all times. No matter what, we will keep your servers online.

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DDoS Protection

All of our dedicated and game servers come with secure DDoS protection built-in for free. Stay focused on what matters while we handle everything else.

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Easy To Use

Our bespoke game panel allows you to manage your servers no matter your experience level. This ranges from an Easy Config Manager to a Detailed Scheduling System.

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Instant Deployment

All our game servers are instantly deployed upon payment, thus allowing you to begin hosting your game servers in just a few clicks, without any fuss.

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24/7 Support

Our support team consists of developers and experienced server owners who are ready to help you with any issues. We want your servers to thrive!

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How To Host A 7 Days To Die Server

Setting up your own dedicated 7 Days to Die server can be a daunting task, but Pine Hosting simplifies the process. With cutting-edge hardware and a custom game control panel, you can launch your 7D2D server instantly. We handle DDoS protection, security updates, and maintenance, freeing you to focus on crafting the ultimate 7D2D experience for you and your friends. Getting started is easy – just power on your server through our intuitive control panel, no coding required. Purchase our Seven Days To Die hosting package, and your server will be up and running in minutes.

Forge A 7D2D Community

Whether you aim to play with friends on a private 7 Days to Die server or construct a vast multi-server network, we're here to guide you at every turn. Our robust machines and top-tier tools ensure smooth hosting every step of the way.

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The Best 7 Days To Die Server Hosting

Backed by years of game server hosting expertise and a reliable infrastructure, Pine Hosting stands out as the best choice for your 7 Days to Die server rental. Benefit from our dedicated support team, modern panel, and powerful hardware for a lag-free experience with your gaming buddies.

Dedicated 7 Days To Die Hosting

As the leading 7 Days to Die host, we've mastered the tools needed to manage your game servers efficiently. Our control panel boasts user-friendly features accessible from any device, ensuring hassle-free server management. Paired with our top-notch hardware and premium networking, your server will run smoothly around the clock. Plus, our 24/7 customer support guarantees uninterrupted 7 Days to Die adventures.

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About 7 Days To Die

Team up with your friends and fight off hordes of the undead in this legendary 2013 survival game, how many days will you survive?

7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first-person shooter, survival horror, tower defence, and role-playing games. Play the definitive zombie survival sandbox RPG that came first. Navezgane awaits!

Complete Control

Owning your game server grants unprecedented control over your hosting experience. Enjoy the freedom to customise every aspect with our state-of-the-art tools and unmatched performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sadly cross-platform between the console and PC versions of 7D2D is not currently supported and is unlikely to be introduced without substantial changes as the versions are developed by different companies.
Thanks to our easy-to-use panel manually updating your server is a thing of the past, to update your server you simply restart it and it will update automatically. This can even be scheduled so you can have your server automatically restart and update to the latest version of 7 Days To Die.
To connect to a 7 Days to Die server simply open 7 Days To Die and navigate to "Join a game". Then select "Connect to IP", you can then paste the IP and port from your server control panel into the game and click connect to join!
Our 7 Days To Die dedicated servers are designed for running game servers with high-end performance. Utilising the latest hardware, we ensure that all of our dedicated game servers deliver unmatched speed and reliability to our clients. Together with our user-friendly control panel, 24/7 support, and premium DDoS protection, we stand as the best choice for all your 7 Days To Die hosting needs. With custom 7D2D features, making hosting a breeze and years of experience, we guarantee we will meet all your hosting demands.