Rust is a survival game that has been developed by Facepunch Studios. The official release took place in 2013. Furthermore, the console version of the game was released in 2021. As a result, numerous players have raised the query regarding the feasibility of crossplay in Rust.

Does Rust Support Cross Play?

No, it is not compatible mainly because Rust Console and Rust PC are not released by the same company. Rust PC was launched by Facepunch, which is owned by Garry Newman. While Rust Console which was launched by Double11.

That's the main reason, but another reason is that Rust is very reliant on Steam for the skin market. This would be impossible to integrate on Xbox or PlayStation for obvious reasons.

What Is Rust Console Edition?

Due to the insane popularity of Rust on PC, Rust Console Edition was developed so console players could join in on the fun of Rust. While there is a large audience that plays Rust Console Edition, the game seems to lack a lot of features that players love in the PC version. Updates are much more sparse on the Console edition which can lead to a lot of negative feedback from Console players, especially when a large update is released on the PC version that they cannot try out.

What Is Rust On Steam?

This is the original Rust, created by Facepunch, it is one of the most popular survival games to ever be released. It was launched in 2013 as a beta and was fully released in 2018. It has managed to hold a consistent player base, thanks in part to its regular updates and dedicated content creators. This resulted in a peak of 244,000 players in January 2021.

What Is The Community's Opinion?

Generally, the community has not felt the need to push for crossplay. Rust is a highly competitive PvP game which many players believe would be too challenging for console players to compete against PC players. Rust PvP requires a lot of skill and accuracy to win gunfights which would be a major disadvantage for console players on their controllers.

It's true that this can be done, and games like Fortnite have managed to support crossplay between PC and console versions. This would require a lot of balancing and potentially even some advantages being given to console players to level the playing field.

Will Rust Ever Be Crossplay?

Unfortunately, this is impossible to imagine. Both games have different paces, the console edition lags far behind in content compared to the original. This makes it hard to believe that there will ever be support for crossplay in the future, especially when there doesn't seem to be much demand from the community either. Both Facepunch and Double11 have yet to make any comments on the possibility of crossplay.

This means you won't be building bases with your favourite console friends yet. While your console friends are playing together you can spend your time building your own Rust server. It's a perfect place to test out builds, PvP friends or even grow a massive network.