Why Choose Pine Hosting For Your Soulmask Server?

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High Performance

Nobody likes lag. That's why performance is our top priority, our systems use the latest hardware available and are constantly maintained so you never worry.

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99.99% Uptime

Our servers are maintained at the highest industry standard to provide you with a stable connection at all times. No matter what, we will keep your servers online.

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DDoS Protection

All of our dedicated and game servers come with secure DDoS protection built-in for free. Stay focused on what matters while we handle everything else.

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Easy To Use

Our bespoke game panel allows you to manage your servers no matter your experience level. This ranges from an Easy Config Manager to a Detailed Scheduling System.

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Instant Deployment

All our game servers are instantly deployed upon payment, thus allowing you to begin hosting your game servers in just a few clicks, without any fuss.

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24/7 Support

Our support team consists of developers and experienced server owners who are ready to help you with any issues. We want your servers to thrive!

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How To Host An Soulmask Server

Creating your own dedicated Soulmask server can be a slow and expensive task. At Pine Hosting, we make this simple. With our latest-generation hardware and custom game panel, you can create your own server instantly. We handle all the DDoS protection, security updates, and maintenance so you can focus on making the best Soulmask server possible. To start your server, you can simply power it on via our control panel! No complex commands or coding is required when hosting with Pine Hosting. This lets you enjoy Soulmask with your friends instead of worrying about hosting. Simply buy our Soulmask package, and your server will be ready within minutes.

Build A Soulmask Tribe

Whether you just want to play with friends on a private Soulmask server or build a massive multi-server empire, we are here to help you every single step of the way. Using our powerful machines and industry-leading tools your hosting journey will be a breeze.

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The Best Soulmask Server Hosting

At Pine Hosting, we use the latest generation server hardware to ensure your Soulmask server runs flawlessly. Our servers are equipped with top-of-the-line processors and NVMe storage, providing exceptional performance and reliability. This cutting-edge hardware ensures fast load times, smooth gameplay, and a seamless experience for all players. And that’s not all! Our experienced team takes time to fully research the games we host meaning you don't need to worry about the technical challenges. This gives you more time to play and less time spent on your server. Enjoy the best gaming experience possible with our powerful, high-performance Soulmask servers.

Dedicated Soulmask Hosting

Escaping a deadly sacrificial ritual isn't easy, but neither is hosting, that’s why you need the best Soulmask host on the market… Pine Hosting! With our customized panel, tailored features and powerful hardware your Soulmask server experience will be a breeze.

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About Soulmask

Escaping a deadly sacrificial ritual, you find an ancient mystical mask on your journey. This mask holds potent knowledge, changing the world you knew. Face the harsh challenges of nature, survive, rally followers, and build your own tribe. Explore and unveil the truths behind the enigmatic mask.

This brand new game has been called a combination of Conan Exiles and Valheim with a touch of Rust. With its robust gameplay mechanics, it offers elements for every type of survival lover. Whether you love crafting, building, or intense combat, Soulmask has something for everyone!

Complete Control

Having your own game server allows for unprecedented control of your hosting experience. Enjoy the freedom to control everything down to the smallest details with our state-of-the-art tools and unrivalled performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Soulmask is fully multiplayer and supports large servers. If you are ready to tackle the world with some friends or engage in some intense PvP combat, multiplayer is the place for you. With our robust servers and instant deployment, you can create your very own multiplayer Soulmask server today!
Updating servers can be tedious and often quite complex when self-hosting or using other providers. Thankfully we make this process super simple for all of our game servers. To update all you need to do is simply restart the server. This can even be scheduled so you can have your server restart and update to the latest version of Soulmask fully automatically.
Connecting to your Soulmask server is super easy with Pine Hosting. Simply head to your console page and copy the server server IP and port. Boot up Soulmask and head to the "Online Game" page, from there you can click on "Connect to the server directly". Your server IP is the text located on the left of the colon (:) and the port is the number on the right. Don't forget to put a password in if your server has one! After that, you can click confirm and enjoy playing in the multiplayer world of Soulmask.
Soulmask is coming to console! The developers mentioned in one of their recent FAQs that they are working on bringing Soulmask to other platforms. There is currently no confirmed release date but the team is likely working on it.