Adding Administrators to my Rust server

  1. Login to the Pine Hosting Game Panel
  2. Select the server you're looking to modify
  3. It is now time to add admins to your sever, since Rust have 2 options here are examples on how to add both:
    - Owner Access -> owner access have full control of server through F1 console which includes RCON commands to load, unload and reload plugins, add/remove permissions so we only suggest server owners to have this permission:
    ownerid steamid (example: ownerid 7656119XXXXX)

    -Moderator Access -> Moderator access will only allow admins to have usual admin commands such as kick, ban, mute, spawn items, etc but RCON commands won't work at all. Add these permissions for normal admins who are not owners of the server
    moderatorid steamid (example: moderatorid 7656119XXXXX)
  4. Once you set these commands simply rejoin the server and you will have admin access on the server.


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